G´day, hows things? ... ... ... Cheers for checking out my site.
I suppose you want to know a bit about me then.

I´m not a bassplayer - I´m a soundmachine! Call me dizzy bob, call me dizzy for rock!
...some more shapes of rock to come... - "Der Bass ist die Mutter - Klar, knackig, druckvoll!"

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DIZZY BOB HIT SQUAD on soundcloud.com

I fell in love with the legendary Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay bassguitar after playing the first tone on it in 1993.
Every company has its roots - and exactly these are mine. This beast sounds amazing, Life is too short for boring basses!
I am easily satisfied with the very best.
Every now and then I try to get around, drop some basslicks with my MusicMan stingray, play a few chords
and phrase up some tones with one of my guitars.

- True men play blues! ... mistakes put the edges on rock´n´roll!

I´m just a multilateral + creative head, looking forward to get things done with a sportive attitude.
I do not fake my smile! I'm down to earth, easy going, friendly, enjoy good conversation and a good laugh.
Honesty, compassion, respect and loyalty are virtues I admire and try to live by.
I´ve got my hands full, but a very nice idea is always welcome.

Ich bin nicht auf der suche nach dem richtigen Golfschwung und ich biete auch keine Strategie für Erfolg im Leben.
Was ich aber groß schreibe, ist: Kreative Frische, Mut zur Lücke und Eigendynamik auch innerhalb der Gesetzmäßigkeiten
ohne Fremdbestimmung, am besten mit Kompetenzen, die sich ergänzen.

Daher mein Vorschlag: Denken, Prüfen, Sprechen!


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